Auto-Dialer Software and advantages for Call-Center

Outbound call centers use auto-dialer software for lead generation, market research and surveys. The reason for using auto-dialer systems like DialerAI is that it speeds up the dialing process. Dial ling hundreds or thousands of contacts manually is time consuming and expensive in terms of wage costs. There are different types of campaign that can […]

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DialerAI, An Alternative to Vicidial?

Vicidial Admin

What is Vicidial Vicidial is a free and open source auto-dialer. It will dial leads and pass the call back to your agents. Vicidial and its derivatives have been under development for many years. In order to install Vicidial, competence with Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Asterisk is required, as a result, companies and freelancers […]

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Hosted Predictive Dialer for Outbound Call Center

dialerai hosted predictive dialer

DialerAI can provide you with a hosted predictive dialer for your outbound call center. DialerAI’s varies the dialling rate depending on the number agents that are occupied. It only delivers calls to agents when a real person answers. Calls that are busy or unanswered can be tried again later. Our predictive dialer comes with answering […]

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