Inbound Call Center

DialerAI provides an inbound call center. When a call comes in, it can be configured to deal with the call in a number of ways giving full flexibility to any call center administrator.

Skills based routing

The call can be sent to an IVR which can ask the caller questions to direct them to the best person to help. The call can then be diverted to a call queue where an agent configured on the system can answer the call.

Customers data can be displayed to the agent in realtime when they receive a call and a button is provided for integration with most web based CRM systems, so you can open the customer’s CRM record with one click.

A custom script written by the inbound call center manager can be displayed to the agent, again with personal information uploaded with the contact displayed on screen. Calls can be transferred to other agents and destinations with one click.

Call-Center Agent Portal

Additionally, the system automatically can read out individual information to a customer using text to speech, for instance “your appointment time is 12:15PM on Tuesday”

Call transfer

The call can be transferred to another number either a SIP destination or a PSTN number.

Inbound Surveys

A complex IVR can be built in the survey builder to allow callers to answer pre-recorded questions responding with either keypress or voice response.

Voting Lines

High capacity voting lines, where people can phone in on different numbers and register a vote, the system can confirm and register their vote.

Agent User Interface

The agent logs into a web based agent user interface where details of the call are displayed along with any information included in the phonebook attached to the inbound campaign. A discrete button allows you to do a one click Google search on the contact’s name, number and address.

During the call, the agent can set the contact’s lead disposition for future reference, open a web based CRM system at the right record with one click, and transfer calls to a list of preselected destinations.

Call Center Call Transfer


As the Agent Interface is web based, and the agent can answer calls directly from the screen with no configuration required other than the addition of a headset and microphone. This lends it to remote working provided the remote worker has a decent internet connection.

Blended call center options are supported with agents handling both inbound and outbound calls ensuring that once an agent has finished an inbound call, they can go straight back on to outbound duties. See here for more details.

The features of DialerAI provide numerous benefits to any company running their own inbound call center, and includes detailed reporting, agent management and other features required in a call center environment.