Political Campaigning by Phone

DialerAI is popular with political campaigners and other political organisations because of the range of tasks that the system can perform as standard.


Using the survey builder, complex surveys can be built to poll people about their voting intentions. When the survey is complete, the results can be downloaded. There are features to check that a poll has been completed and stop when a representative sample has been polled.

Inbound Calling

Inbound calling is supported, and calls can be answered with an IVR to direct the call or collect information about the caller.

Voter Canvassing

Canvassing is often done door to door, but far greater numbers of people can be reached using the phone and automatic dialling. The system will call your contacts, and can pass the call directly to a volunteer.

Political Messaging

A short persuasive message can be pre-recorded and sent to thousands of people in a very short space of time.

Political Fundraising

Political phone banks contact your supporters and follow a pre-prepared script displayed on the volunteer’s web based User Interface. Names and other information can be displayed on the user interface.

Configuration of the User Interface for the volunteer is nothing more complicated than logging to the User Interface and connecting headphones and microphone.

The system will only pass on calls answered by a human to the volunteer. Calls answered by voicemail can be dropped or a message left right after the beep.

In order to take maximum advantage of voter lists, a campaign can be recycled, selecting subsets of voters to call back depending on their response.


Volunteer Worker’s User Interface

The volunteer logs into a web based agent user interface where details of the call are displayed along with any information included in the phonebook attached to the campaign.

During the call, the volunteer can set the voter’s disposition for future reference, make notes, and transfer calls to a list of preselected destinations.

As the Interface is web based, they can answer calls directly from the screen with no configuration required other than the addition of a headset and microphone. This lends it to remote working provided the remote worker has a decent internet connection.