Voice broadcasting Software

Voice Broadcasting Software

DialerAI is voice broadcasting software designed for making outbound calls to your contacts, most often used for marketing and political polling, but is also used for emergency notifications.
Using voice broadcasting software is seen as a very successful and low cost marketing technique sometimes costing less than a cent per connected call.

Our customers use mostly voice broadcasting software for marketing in one of two ways, as a press one transfer or to register their interest for a call-back by an agent later.

1) Press one transfer is where a recorded message is played stating the proposition and then the contact is invited to press one to speak to an agent, the call is then transferred to the call centre PBX and then distributed to an agent. This technique is also called Live Transfer.

2) Callback is where the contact is called, the proposition played via recorded message, then the contact is invited to press 1 to express an interest. A report can be downloaded and the contact called back by an agent the next day.

There is another type of marketing message which can be employed by DialerAI voice broadcasting software, that is to leave an answering machine message. DialerAI can detect a voice mail, then leave a message after the beep.

DialerAI voice broadcasting software has been designed for high capacity send out calls at high speed. Even on our smallest 100 concurrent call system, it is reasonable to expect to call 125,000 contacts in a day and we easily can scale up DialerAI to handle millions of calls per day.

For more information and a live demo of our voice broadcasting software, please contact us.