Dialer.AI offers an unique solution combining some of the most powerful tools available on the market.
We try to offer such a quality with our documentation, you will find some guide for some
of the most common usecase.

1. What is an Auto-dialer?

An auto-dialer automatically dials telephone numbers. It can identify whether the call is answered by a human or machine and react accordingly. The auto-dialer can play a pre-recorded message or immediately transfer to a live person.

A predictive dialer dials automatically leads. It transfers the call to an agent if a human answers. The rate of dialing varies depending on the number of agents available to take calls.

Leads are automatically dialed, a pre-recorded message explains the reason for the call and invites to the lead to press-1 to talk to an agent. The advantage that agents only talk to leads that are interested in your product.

Anyone who needs to contact large numbers of people in a short space of time. This may include sales and marketing, emergency notification, political campaigning and polling. Typical uses of auto-dialers include politicians, local government, educational establishments, financial organisations and most commonly, sales organisations.

Included with our plans, we provide you with a DialerAI system with your VoIP carriers set up and tested. Training, ongoing support, upgrades, server monitoring and backup services are included. You are free to choose your own carrier and negotiate the best possible prices with them. If you don’t have a carrier, we can make introductions.

Each plan has a limit of calls and SMS that you can send in one day as well as how many concurrent calls are allowed. The limit is so we can correctly judge size the system to meet your needs.

DialerAI will only allow as many concurrent calls for the system that you have purchased. If you regularly reach your limit, we will contact you and let you know this is happening so you can make a decision to upgrade.

DialerAI systems can be installed on your own servers if you have a good business case or technical reason for doing so. Our charge is the same whether we use our servers or yours. Using our servers guarantees the stated capacity.

A carrier is a telecommunications company that provides the means by which telephone calls can be made (Call Termination). This is also known as a Termination Provider or ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider). An operator of DialerAI will need a carrier in order to make calls to their contacts.

We do not provide call termination, but we can make introductions to suitable carriers. When choosing a carrier, make sure you inform them that you are doing voice broadcasting as they may have to make special arrangements to handle your capacity. In the USA, expect to pay around 1c per minute billed to the nearest 6 seconds. Your carrier will almost certainly be cheaper than all-in-one voice broadcasting companies who bundle minutes with their product.

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