Features of the DialerAI Predictive Dialer Software


DialerAI is a multi-tenant auto dialing platform providing a large set of features, from predictive dialing, to press-1
campaigns and multi-languages support. See below to see the key features of our autodialer solution.

Why choose DialerAI AutoDialer?

Live Transfers

Lead generation with press-one transfers to your agents in your call center. Caller ID of called contact delivered for compatibility with existing call center PBX and screen-pop software.

Bring your own VoIP Provider

Tightly control your call costs by choosing your own VoIP provider and negotiating the best rate with them.

Voicemail Detection

Accurate detection of person or voicemail and if voicemail, drop a separate message after the beep, or simply hang-up

Text to Speech

Supports text to speech from a variety of providers including all MRCP based TTS systems. Basic TTS included for prototyping surverys before giving the script to your voice talent.

Personalized Messages

Use text to speech to personalize each message using tag replacement to play text uploaded with the contact.

Contact Management

Contacts are placed in Phone Books so you can logically group your customers. Campaigns can be set to call one or more Phone Books.

Phone Surveys

Send out surveys and ask your contacts for responses either by key press or by recording a message. Complex multi-level IVR menus can be designed with a range of survey nodes.


Many users and customers can have their own voice broadcasting account to create and send voice and SMS campaigns.

DNC (Do not call) List

Add contacts to the DNC list automatically, upload your own list. A global DNC list is also included to apply to all customers.

White Label

Add your logo coupled with our template design service to closely match your corporate image.


Multiple UI languages, Operates in any country around the world, just add a VoIP carrier to deliver your calls.

Call Scheduling

Schedule the start and stop times on a daily basis to avoid calling contacts out of hours.

Dynamic CallerID

Set your company’s caller ID to deliver to your contacts so they can phone you back, rotate round a range of caller ID, or randomise the caller ID.

SMS Messaging

Send SMS messages through supported SMS gateways. Choose your own SMS provider for best prices.

API for Developers

Integrate with other software applications with a range of in-built API for almost every feature on the customer interface.

Credit Card & Paypal ready

Credit card & Paypal integration with your Braintree Account (Braintree is a division of Paypal) to accept pre-payments from customers for calling time.

Auto-Redial Contacts

Automatically redial contacts who either did not answer, or did answer but did not complete the survey or RSVP.

USA Timezone Support

Contact’s time zone identified from the telephone number and called according to their local time.

ASR (Voice Recognition)

ASR (Automatic Voice Recognition) using Google Speech will recognize speech, and branch to different sections based on the result.


Agent can login into the call-center agentUI and see realtime contact information of the person they are talking to. Agents can add a note, or can assign the contact to the DNC list.

Highly flexible Autodialing solution which can adapt to large variety of use-cases.

Dialer.ai auto dialer software is not only for marketeers but also for a range of other roles including:

Fastest Dialer
Call millions of contacts per day
Voicemail Detection
Deliver your message to real people
Quality Text-to-Speech
Multi-language support