Dialer.AI Documentation

Dialer.AI offers an unique solution combining some of the most powerful tools available on the market. We try to offer such a quality with our documentation, you will find some guide for some of the most common usecase.

A press-1 campaign is where you:

  • Auto-dial a prospect.
  • Play a pre-recorded advertising message.
  • Invite them to press-1 to speak to an agent.
  • Transfer the call to an agent when they press 1.

This has advantages over manual dialing:

  • auto-dialing is more efficient.
  • engaged, busy or unanswered calls are dropped
  • Agent only talks to interested prospects

Staff spend more time talking on the phone making sales than dialling numbers

Dialer.AI for Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting Software

DialerAI is powerful yet simple to use voice broadcasting software for auto-dialling lead generation and predictive dialing for your outbound call center.

To set up voice broadcasting on DialerAI there are three main steps to go through. Create the voice application or survey, upload contacts then create the campaign to set the rate of calling and action on voicemail.

DialerAI as a Lead generation Software

Lead Generation Software

DialerAI’s lead generation software uses auto-dialing, voice broadcasting and predictive dialing in outbound call centers to generate leads.

There are three main methods of lead generation:

  • Press 1 to transfer
  • Callback
  • Direct Transfer

DialerAI as Phone Survey software

Phone Survey Software

DialerAI includes advanced phone survey software used for:

  • Political polling.
  • Market Research.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

Building complicated surveys has never been easier with a few simple steps:

  1. Create your phone survey using the web interface.
  2. Upload the telephone numbers of the people you want to call.
  3. Configure your campaign.
  4. Watch the results on the realtime reports and download detailed reports in realtime.

Auto Dialer

Most of our customers uses Dialer.AI as AutoDialer, find out more about the autodialer features here. 

Voice Broadcasting

Dialer.AI is designed to broadcast messages to large audiences, find out more how to use DialerAI for Voice Broadcasting.

Phone Survey

DialerAI comes with advanced IVR features to build phone survey, find out more about how to use DialerAI as a Phone Survey Software.
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