Outbound Call Center

DialerAI is a good choice for an outbound call center with complete flexibility to run anything from press-1 through to predictive dialing campaigns.

Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer used in an outbound call center alters the rate of calling to match the number of agents available ensuring that the agents are kept fully occupied while minimising unanswered calls. Calls to busy or unavailable numbers are dropped immediately and can be retried later.

When a call is sent to a contact, the system identifies whether it is a person or a voicemail answering the call. If the call is answered by voicemail, one of two strategies can be employed.

  1. Hang up the call immediately thus reducing call costs.
    Drop a message right after the beep. The message can be pre-recorded audio or text to speech and can include data particular to the customer, such as an appointment time.
  2. If the call is identified as a person, then the call can be transferred to a queue with agents configured on the system waiting to answer the call.

The Dialer includes a web based Agent User Interface. Calls can be answered via the user interface meaning that no special configuration is necessary for an agent.

The agentUI displays the information about the contact, and custom information can be displayed to the agent about the contact. The agent can then read from the script configured for that campaign.

Using a predictive dialer in your outbound call center can increase the actual time agents are talking to contacts by 3 times, as busy and unanswered calls are dropped, passing only calls answered by a human back to the agent.

Press-1 Campaigns

A press-1 campaign is a popular type of outbound call center campaign where the system calls your contacts and plays a pre-recorded message with your proposition, then invites the contact to press 1 to speak to an agent. Other options can be offered and built using the flexible survey builder.

Calls can be transferred to a queue, then distributed to agents configured on the system, or they can be transferred to a remote call center directly via SIP or via the PSTN.

The system can monitor the number of calls that have been transferred to the agents and adjust the dialling rate accordingly, so as to keep the agents occupied but without too many contacts waiting in the queue.

Outbound Call Center Reporting

Detailed campaign reports are kept, and recordings of all calls transferred to agents can be accessed and downloaded. Comparisons can be made with previous surveys and reports downloaded to file for further analysis.

Call Center Agent Stats

Agent reports are also included to monitor key aspects of each agent’s performance.

The outbound call center is a very flexible system and is easy to use with little training and virtually no configuration from the agent’s side other than logging into their user interface.