Call-center: Agent Portal with Soundboard, reporting & Web-phone

Agent Soundboard

Welcome to 2021 and with the New Year comes many more additions to our Call-center Agent Portal introduced over 12 months ago.

DialerAI is a call center solution supporting inbound and outbound calls. It can be used for automating sales calls, lead generation, payment collections, appointment reminders, phone polling and market research.

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The main addition is the new Web-phone on the agent portal. This means that for remote agents and people working from home, setting up is easy, simply log into the agent portal in your web browser equipped with headphones and microphone and it ‘just works’ just like a normal phone, but with zero config.

AgentUI Phone

The phone has all the usual features, transfer, hold, mute and optional manual dialling.


A new feature is the Agent’s Soundboard to play pre-recorded audio on demand.

Agent Soundboard

For each agent, audio can be uploaded then played to the contact with one click. This technique is often used in overseas call centers for lead generation where foreign accents may be a barrier to sales. The agent is able to have a conversation with the lead by playing different audio reacting what the lead has said.

More News

The Soundboard & Webphone is not the only new addition!

We’ve also added:

  • Callback Later reminder
  • Translations to support multiple languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French & Catalan)
  • An agent report with KPI
  • A wrap-up indicator to tell the agent when the next call might be coming in.
  • Google Search on customer information

For more details of the many new features of the agent interface and to arrange a demo. Please contact us.