Power Dialer Software – how does it work?

Power Dialer Software

What is a Power Dialer Software?

A power dialer software is a telephony system that automatically dials prospects and when a person answers the call, bridges that call to an agent. The purpose of a power dialer is to have your agents only speak to live people and not waste time with no answers, answering machines and busy lines.

Power Dialer software can dramatically increase the time that the agent talks on the phone actually making sales as opposed to manually dialling numbers, waiting for answer and leaving voicemail messages. Therefore any company that has large numbers of calls to make to their customers or prospects would likely benefit from using DialerAI.

How does a Power Dialer Work?

The power dialer software allows you to set an agent to call ratio to set the rate of calls to be made. As each agent finishes their a call, the power dialer dials a preset number of prospects in the list in expectation that at least one of those calls will result in a live answer. When a live person answers, the agent is immediately connected.
Ideally, the agent should be equipped with an auto-answering phone with a headset, so when the call comes through, the agent is talking immediately to the prospect.

The number of calls per free agent can be adjusted during the campaign for best results. The more agents that are not on calls, the more prospects will be dialled simultaneously in order to keep agents working at full capacity.

DialerAI power dialer software also has a virtual contact center, so that agents can be connected directly via The Internet to DialerAI, with different ring strategies.

Voicemail Detection / Answering Machine Detection

A key feature of a power dialer is the ability to reliably recognise an answering machine. DialerAI can be configured to either disconnect the call, or leave a message right after the beep. DialerAI’s answering machine detection algorithms are extremely accurate reducing the possibility of your prospects getting silent calls.

Once an answering machine is detected, the message is played, and at the same time, the system listens for the beep. When the beep is heard, the message is restarted so the entire message is heard on the prospect’s answering machine.

Power Dialer Integration

DialerAI power dialer software can pass the call to your existing call centre so there is no expensive and lengthy integration process. The caller ID of the contact is passed through to the call centre telephone system, so your existing CTI systems will continue to work as they do for any inbound call.

Alternatively, you can use the supplied virtual contact center which will distribute your calls to your agents configured on the system.

Benefits of a Power dialer software

Power dialer software will make your sales staff much more efficient, improving campaign results by automatically dialling prospects while skipping busy, no-answer and disconnected lines. Power Dialer software can increase time on the phone from 15 minutes to 45 minutes or more in the hour, this is equivalent to increasing your workforce by a factor of three without the attendant cost and administration

Leaving answering machine messages is also a highly effective marketing method, so not only is there a benefit in terms of agent efficiency, but also in marketing reach using DialerAI’s efficient beep detection to leave messages right after the tone.

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