Automated Voice Messaging (AVM)

AVM (Automated Voice Messaging) is an effective method of marketing products and services to thousands or millions of people quickly and cheaply by delivering professionally pre-recorded voice messages.

AVM works the same as any phone call, the difference is in the scale and speed that calls can be made. When a person answers, a pre-recorded message is played to the contact. The AVM system can distinguish between a call answered by a human or a machine, so if the call goes to voicemail, then another pre-recorded message can be dropped in right after the beep, or hang-up and call again later.

Automated Voice Messaging (AVM)

AVM can be passive or interactive.

Passive AVM

Passive AVM is simply broadcasting a simple message where no response is required. Data uploaded with the contact can be inserted into the message using TTS (Text to Speech). Passive AVM is appropriate for appointment reminders, order confirmations and emergency notifications.

Interactive AVM

Interactive AVM gives options for the contact to interact with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) using either a keypad or voice response, such as for debt collection, lead generation, data collection or routing calls to agents, advisors or specialist teams.

Other Features and Benefits

  • Text to Speech: high quality TTS can be used for appointment reminders or for confirming the identity of a contact during debt collection.
  • Speech to Text: ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) allows contacts to navigate through the IVR using voice commands rather than keypress.
  • Tag Replacement: Names, dates and numbers can be uploaded with the contact and played in a message using TTS
  • Call Transfer: Contact can transfer to an agent, call center or advisor via keypress.
  • Agent Interface: A zero configuration agent web interface is included, the agent or advisor logs on and the interface will display custom information to the agent and link into a web-based CRM.
  • Reporting: Comprehensive reporting of calls, survey reports from data collection, agent interactions and voice recordings are included as standard.
  • SMS: Send SMS messages as part of a voice IVR, e.g. press 1 for more information delivered via SMS, or as a standalone SMS campaign with tag replacement to personalise each message.
  • VoIP: Don’t be locked into one provider, choose your own VoiP telecoms provider and SMS provider for the best quality and lowest cost calls.
  • Capacity: We have systems for every budget from making a few hundred calls a month right up to millions of calls daily.

Use Cases

  • Appointment Reminders: Remind contacts of an appointment using TTS to play the date, time and any other relevant information. Reminders can also be left on voicemail.
  • Confirm Orders: Use AVM with text to speech to confirm orders and deliveries.
  • Emergency Notifications: Reverse emergency notifications to tell contacts about extreme events and emergencies.
  • Debt Collection: Use AVM for debt collection and payment reminders connecting debtors to specialist teams and advisors
  • Lead Generation: Generate leads by calling people with a professionally recorded message stating the proposition, inviting them to press 1 to speak to an agent, or for more information.
  • Data Collection: Use the AVM with its flexible IVR systems to capture data from political polls, meter readings and other surveys.
  • Inbound Call Center: Routing calls to agents, advisors or specialist teams.
  • Predictive Dialing: Sometimes, it’s necessary to talk directly to the contact. When a person answers, the call is directly bridged to an agent, for voicemail, a message is left after the beep, or the AVM can hang-up and try again later.


Using AVM systems can free up your staff for more productive work while still being able to contact and interact with thousands of new and existing customers every day.

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