Predictive Dialer Software for Outbound CallCenter

Solution for lead generation, Political Campaigning, Telemarketing and Phone Polling

Predictive dialling and Voice broadcasting is a cost effective and efficient way of talking to your existing customers and generating leads maximising your outbound call-center’s performance

Predictive Dialer

Varies the rate of calling
proportional to the number of agents available to take calls keeping staff fully utilised.

Interactive Outbound IVR

Outbound IVR for marketing,
political campaigning and market research using pre-recorded or
synthesized voices.

Press-1 Campaigns

Predictive dialing to deliver calls to your call-center agents on live answer or when your prospect presses one.

Voice Broadcasting

Send voice or SMS messages to thousands or millions of people per day with interactive responses using the phone keypad.

Phone Survey

Poll customers, capture answers and provide detailed reports.

Voicemail Detection

Detect voicemail and either hang-up or leave a message right after the beep.

A Predictive Dialer is ideal for Companies that need:

Outbound Call Center

Auto dialer helps increase agent productivity by reducing time spent dialing and waiting for the call to connect.

Reach Voters during your Political Campaigns

Use the predictive dialer or voice broadcasting to reach out to voters and deliver your campaign message.

Transfer to Live Agents

When a prospect is interested in your proposition, their call will be automatically connected to a live agent. Increase sales by only focusing on interested leads.

Debt Collection

Make payment reminder calls to people to collect debt and ensure prompt payment. It’s easy to redial the contact if they are busy or didn’t answer.

Also Designed for Resellers of Auto-Dialer services

Use DialerAI multi-tenant, billing and credit card integration features to provide predictive dialing, voice and SMS broadcasting as a service to your own customers.

White Label

Varies the rate of calling
proportional to the number of agents available to take calls keeping staff fully utilised.


Many customers each with their own voice broadcasting campaigns all on the same DialerAI platform.


Pre-Paid billing for customers with credit card integration for self service top-ups of call credit.

Use your Own VoIP

Negotiate best prices with your preferred voice provider, DialerAI supports most SIP providers.

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