Auto-Dialer Software and advantages for Call-Center

Outbound call centers use auto-dialer software for lead generation, market research and surveys. The reason for using auto-dialer systems like DialerAI is that it speeds up the dialing process. Dial ling hundreds or thousands of contacts manually is time consuming and expensive in terms of wage costs.

The advantages of auto-dialer

There are different types of campaign that can be run for lead generation, and which one chosen will depend on your own individual circumstances. The main types of campaigns for lead generation supported by DialerAI are Predictive Dialing, also known as power dialing, call-back and press-1 campaigns.


Power Dialing

Power dialing, often known as predictive dialing, is where a contacts are called and the system automatically works out whether the call was answered by a person or a machine. If a person was called, then the call is bridged to an agent who can then initiate the sales process.

If the call is answered by machine, a message can be left after the beep, or the call disconnected to save call costs.

As more agents become engaged with potential customers, the rate of calling slows down then stops when all agents are occupied. Calling starts again when there are agents available to take the calls.

The rate of calling can be varied to suit the number of expected real-person-answers.


Callback is an effective and high speed method suitable for call centers who want to reach thousands or millions of people every day, but do not have a large staff of agents.
A pre-recorded message is constructed which tells the prospect the proposition and invites the prospect to press 1 if they are interested in the product. The prospect is then told that they will be called back within 24 hours.

The list of people who expressed an interest can be fed into a power dialing campaign and called the next day.

The campaign can be stopped once sufficient leads have been generated to provide the agents with a full day’s work the following day. This results in efficient and low cost lead generation.

Press-1 Campaigning

Press-1 campaigning is where a pre-recorded message is constructed, similar to the Callback Campaign, to explain the proposition, but in this case, when the lead presses 1, they are transferred through to an agent.

Again, press-1 dialing is a highly effective and immediate way of talking to prospects, but requires agents on duty waiting for inbound calls. The rate of outbound calling can be varied and calls stop when all agents are occupied.

Press-1 CampaigningAuto-Dialer software Increases Efficiency

Predictive dialing and power dialing increases efficiency by ensuring that agents are on the phone for more of the time.

When a call is manually dialed by an agent, there is the time to dial and waiting for an answer. It’s expected that an agent will spend about 10-15 minutes in the hour actually doing the productive work of speaking to prospects.

When a call is dialed manually, the agent has to:-

  • Dial the call manually without misreading or miskeying the number. Auto-dialing removes this step entirely.
  • Deal with engaged, busy or unobtainable numbers, noting which ones to try later. DialerAI will detect each of cases and deal with them accordingly, including automatically retrying the number.
  • Wait for up to a minute for someone to answer the call. It may be that the call is taken by an answering machine. The agent would then have to leave a message after the tone.
  • Auto-dialing software does the dialing for you, dropping calls that are not answered, busy or unobtainable. Messages for voicemail can be left after the beep, all automatically. The agent only has to deal with calls that are answered by a real person.

Furthermore, multiple calls can be made per agent to keep the flow of calls coming to the agent. This increases the time agents are doing the productive work talking to customers to about 45-50 minutes in the hour.

This shows by reducing agent idle time, making a threefold increase in the time an agent talks to a potential customer is the same as employing 2 more agents.

Auto-dialer software is a fraction of the cost of employing an agent and so DialerAI could pay for itself in terms of reduced staff costs and greater productivity over the course of a few days.

Lead Conversion

An agent is only productive when they are talking to a prospect. We have already demonstrated how automating the dialing process increases productivity, but another facet to consider is that the auto-dialer software can pre-qualify leads before transferring them to an agent when using call-back or Press-1 dialing.

When the contact is called, a pre-recorded message tells the potential customer why they are being called. Therefore when a contact presses 1, it may be safe to assume that the contact is interested in what you have to offer.

It is always easier to sell when your customer is interested in your products.

With PowerDialing and predictive dialing, simply removing the drudgery of dialing prospects by hand can have a beneficial effect on the agent, making them more likely to make a sale.

Automated Surveying and Market Research

DialerAI can be used for market research and surveying. A survey can be constructed using pre-recorded audio, or computer generated voices. For a call center who is doing market research manually, the same problems exist as for manual lead generation described previously, in that the surveyor has to dial manually, wait to talk to a real person, then persuade them to take part in their survey.

The calling process can be completely automated using DialerAI and auto-dialer software. Questions can be asked and the route through the survey determined by the answer to the previous question. Questions are answered by using the phone’s keypad.

The survey builder included with DialerAI allows nested IVR, and can even connect to external systems through API.

Once the survey or market research campaign is complete, the results can be viewed on screen or easily downloaded for further analysis.

Reporting and Monitoring

For any call center, reporting and monitoring is the key to efficiency, making sure that you have the right number of staff with the appropriate skills at the right place at the right time.

Furthermore, campaign results can be very different depending on what time of day the contacts are called. There are no hard and fast rules which time of day works best, that is determined by your product and demographic, but DialerAI gives you the reporting to help you understand what works best.

Likewise, different messages get different response rates, there are reports which you can download and analyse what works.

There are live dashboards showing calls in real-time, as well as accumulated reports to that call center supervisors can spot problems quickly, as well as raise or lower the speed of calling to match the number of agents available, coupled with the responses to the survey.

Call recordings of the call to the agent give allow managers to check the agents performance and the quality of the calls.

Coupled with the reports are the retry and recycling features which can help you to call all the people you did not reach the first time round.

More information about Auto-Dialer software

Auto-Dialer software and DialerAI should be a consideration for anyone running an outbound call center, as it is a cost effective method of generating leads, doing market research and running surveys.

Accurate voicemail and beep detection software ensures that agents speak to real people while answering machine messages can be left right after the beep.

Retries and recycling campaigns ensures that you get the best results out of your lists and not waste any numbers.

Accurate reporting and real-time statistics help you tune your lead generation campaigns and surveys to get the best possible results.

For more information, to try a demo of DialerAI and to discuss your requirements, please contact us.


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