DialerAI, An Alternative to Vicidial?

Vicidial Admin

What is Vicidial

Vicidial is a free and open source auto-dialer. It will dial leads and pass the call back to your agents. Vicidial and its derivatives have been under development for many years.

In order to install Vicidial, competence with Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Asterisk is required, as a result, companies and freelancers have sprung up to offer installation services and hosting for Vicidial and its derivatives.

Although Vicidial has many features, we’ve found that high skill levels and knowledge are required to understand and use Vicidial to take advantage of its benefits, so a new non-technical user may find themselves overwhelmed.

Vicidial has been around for nearly 2 decades. A common problem with older software is that as technology marches on, the developers are stuck with an old methodology which cannot be updated and improved without breaking existing functionality. This can lead to issues with scalability and efficiency as high server densities are required to offset the effects of older inefficient methodologies.

Vicidial Admin

What is DialerAI

DialerAI is a commercial auto-dialling solution, and has been designed from the ground-up not only to be user-friendly, but also to be able to be scaled up to run millions of calls per day. Our customers can concentrate on the commercials of their business leaving the DialerAI team to deal with the technology.

DialerAI is particularly suited to telecoms and call centre companies who want to sell SAAS auto-dialing and voice broadcasting services. We can meet a range of needs, including complex nested IVR systems for polling and voting, through to press 1 campaigns and direct transfers.

Predictive Dialer Dashboard


DialerAI is multi-tenant so that multiple customers can set up their own campaigns independently of any other customers on the system.


DialerAI includes Billing, so that charges can be applied for calls made. When credit runs out, calls stop. We’ve also integrated Braintree credit card gateway and Paypal so that your customers can do self service top-ups


DialerAI can have your own branding so that the system looks like your own product. Additionally you use your own VoIP carrier for termination

Reseller Systems

We provide discounted DialerAI systems for resale to your own customers under your own brand while we provide the technical expertise and maintenance while you provide the training and first line support.

Why Choose DialerAI over Vicidial?

DialerAI can be controlled by any PC, tablet or smartphone web browser as it is “Responsive” it is a modern design created to make the system easy for customers to use with a few minutes basic training. The features and functions are clear and documented with help text where required, and help is only a phone-call or email away.

While Vicidial and its derivatives can serve well for many small businesses with a technical skills and time on their hands, if you need a system where you can get up and running straight away with an easy-to-understand interface which is scalable, flexible and versatile, and comes with advice and support then DialerAI may be the answer.

We have systems small and large and can scale them up as your business grows. Pay for what you need when you need it. There is no need to take our word for it, contact us for a live demo and you can set up some test campaigns and surveys and see how it works for you.