Political Dialer Software for Campaign with DialerAI

Political dialer software

DialerAI political campaign software is a valuable tool in political campaigning and can be used in different ways during the political campaign, from single message drops through to complex surveys, phone banks and handling inbound calls. Using political dialer software to reach potential voters is a key method of getting support in a modern political […]

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New Feature! Speech Recognition in DialerAI

We are excited to let you know that we have released speech recognition in DialerAI using Google’s Speech to text API. Other providers could be available in the future. This new speech recognition feature lets your contact interact with complex IVRs without them having to press any buttons on their phone. The contact can simply […]

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Quick Start Guide to DialerAI Video

We have created a short video to accompany the Quick Start Guide at https://dialer.ai/docs/user-guide/quickstart.html, which is where we recommend all our new customers start. It takes you through the basics of uploading audio, creating a simple survey, adding a phonebook and your own number to call, then takes you through creating a campaign so you test […]

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