Campaign Creation Training Video

We have just released a video covering creating a campaign. We have gone into some detail as to the meaning of each setting.

This is the latest in a series of training videos for DialerAI taking you from an overview of the system to individually creating surveys and uploading contacts.

We explain creating a new campaign which ties together the survey and phone-books containing the contacts to call. The DNC list is also selected, and multiple callerIDs can be configured for the system.

We discuss the dialer settings where the gateway and speed of the campaign is set, as well as the dialling mode, simple or power dialer.

In retries we demonstrate how to call numbers again which failed the first time, and how people who did not respond to the survey can be called again using “completion retries”

Under voicemail we explain the three different actions on detecting voicemail:

  • Always play message will leave a message after the beep.
  • Play message to human only will hangup.
  • Leave message to voicemail only is little used and will hang up to person, and leave a message after the beep to voicemail

Under schedule, we can set the times and days when the campaign will be active, and we can send calls out at times to suit the time-zone of the contact.

The extra tabs controls some settings that don’t easily fit into other tabs, such as ringing time and maximum duration as well as TTS language and transferred calls recording.

Once the campaign is saved, and you can see by the green tick that it is ready to run in terms of the schedule, you can press play. Numbers of calls in progress for both legs of the call are displayed.

Please contact us if you have any questions or want us to set you up with a demo.