Political Dialer Software for Campaign with DialerAI

Political dialer software

DialerAI political campaign software is a valuable tool in political campaigning and can be used in different ways during the political campaign, from single message drops through to complex surveys, phone banks and handling inbound calls.

Using political dialer software to reach potential voters is a key method of getting support in a modern political campaign.

Simple Political Dialing Campaign

At its most simple, you can use DialerAI to send out robocalls containing a message of what you want to get out to your voters. The messages can be sent out at high speed, and you can even leave messages on answering machines right after the beep.

Political Phone Banking

If you want something more sophisticated, then you might consider phone banking, canvassing your potential voters directly. Phone banking is where you get a team of volunteers to talk directly to your constituents using the dialer. When a live person answers the call is directed to your volunteers on the phone bank.

DialerAI has an agent interface, so you can prepare a script for the volunteer and include any relevant information about the constituent you are calling. The Agent Interface can interface with many CRM systems used by political campaigners so that the volunteer has all the information about the voter at their fingertips and can update it as well. Furthermore, volunteers can easily patch calls through to their representatives right from the interface.

Market Research

DialerAI allows you to do automated surveys and polls. A political calling campaign can be presented as automated market research campaign asking a number of pre-recorded questions and the answer is given via a touch tone phone or spoken response. The results of the poll can be used as the basis for a contact list if running a phone banking operation.

Market research also plays a role in setting the political agenda and testing the public mood. This can help the political campaigner understand what messages are cutting through and what is not working.

Inbound Calling

DialerAI also features inbound calling, where callers can phone in and be routed to a market research or polling survey as well as being transferred to a live person. A phone menu can be used to direct the call through to the right person.

DialerAI has a large number of reports which can be viewed onscreen or downloaded for further analysis. There are recycling systems for extracting numbers to call again with either the same campaign or another campaign depending on the response of the first call.

For more information about the political calling capabilities of DialerAI please contact us.