New functions for the Call-Center Agent Portal

Agent Reporting

Late last year, we told you about our new Agent Portal to receive calls from Press-1 campaigns, predictive dialing and inbound calls. This feature has proved so popular that we have done some further development to it.

The new features we have introduced are:

1. Call-Center Queue & Agent Reports

Agent Reporting
We’ve added three new call center reports for agents and queues.

  • A queue report showing total answered and abandoned calls with call duration and wait time statistics filtered by queue and date.
  • An agent report showing aggregate statistics for all agents with the ability to drill down to individual agent performance by date.
  • Agent activity report showing the activity for each agent during the day.

2. Agent Standby Mode

We have introduced agent standby mode to speed to reduce the pickup time. Agents login and and dial into standby mode, so they are constantly connected to the system. As soon as a call comes in, the call is bridged to the agent in a fraction of a second. The caller’s information is displayed on the agent screen.

3. Call Transfer to Closer

In many of our customers’ scenarios, the agent qualifies the lead, then passes the call to a “closer”.

Agent Portal Transfer

We have added buttons for two types of transfer.

  • Cold Transfer, also known as “Blind Transfer”, where the prospect is passed directly to the closer without introduction, leaving the agent free to take subsequent calls.
  • 3 Way Transfer, the agent can conference in the closer and have a three way conversation with the closer, agent and prospect. Once introductions have been made, the agent can withdraw from the call and be ready to receive the next call in the queue.

To avoid misdialing and speed up the work flow, the transfer numbers are set up for each queue in advance and transfers are managed on the portal. Simply select the recipient on the dropdown, and connect.

For more information about this and other features of DialerAI, and to set up a demo, please contact us.