Our Cloud Call Center has a new Agent Portal

We are excited to tell you about the new agent portal to our Cloud Call Center solution DialerAI, allowing agents to take calls with all the contact information on screen.

Already, call centers can register their agents VoIP phones to the dialer and receive calls from:

- Press-1 campaigns
- Predictive Dialing Campaigns
- Inbound calls

The number of outbound calls are modulated by the number of agents available to take calls. If there are no agents available, then calls will cease until an agent becomes free. When more agents logon, so the number of calls increases to ensure that all the agents are kept occupied.

Automated calling of contacts as opposed to manual dialling can increase agent’s time on the phone talking to potential customers from 15 minutes in the hour to upwards of 45 minutes in the hour. This is the equivalent of tripling your workforce for little extra cost.

Our latest feature is a web based user interface that displays information about the contact including any custom data uploaded with the contact as well as a customisable script.

While in the call, the agent can:

- update the status of the contact from a sales point of view
- add a note to the contact
- add the contact to the DNC list
- check the history and check previous notes.
- view your own web based CRM in a frame
- sign in, sign out and go on a break

We believe that this new feature will be a great asset to any company running sales campaigns either using predictive dialling or press-1 campaigns.

We’ve made a little video to showcase the features of the agent portal


For more information and to test drive the new agent UI, please contact us.