Blended Call Center Campaign: Inbound & Outbound

blended call-center campaign

DialerAI has always been a very powerful outbound dialer, especially with the recent additions of the agentUI. Now we’ve added more integration for inbound calls to allow a true Blended Call Center Campaign for inbound and outbound calls.

When one of your customers calls in, we can deliver the call to an active agent, automatically display relevant information about the customer on the agent’s screen and open the customer in your web based CRM system.

This development makes possible Blended Call Center operations where agents can deal with both inbound and outbound calls while at the same time making sure that once the agent has finished on the inbound call, they go straight back onto their outbound campaign, keeping the agent occupied and productive for more of the working day.

Furthermore, we can display a different script depending on the telephone number the contact called so that we can support answering services for multiple businesses with the same agent.

New ACD Strategy

We’ve also added some new ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) strategies, including Top Down ringing, so that the agents’ phones always ring in the same order, and Ring Progressively, where agent 1 is called, then agents 1 and 2, and so on. This is ideal for businesses that have employees in multiple roles to help pickup the slack.

ASR / Voice Recognition

A substantial number of our customers are now using our voice recognition technology, more details about this in our Video about ASR and Voice Recognition.

WebRTC – Webphone for agents

The agent interface supports WebRTC, which means no softphones for agents to configure, and less support required, thus lending itself to remote home working, call transfers, external web based CRM support as well as including a basic CRM system.

To test drive the system or for more information please contact us.