The Modern Age of Predictive Dialer System – Moving to Machine Learning and AI

Predictive dialers are not a new technology, in fact, they have been around since the inception of telephones. One of the earliest dialers was built by a company called InfoLogix in the 1980’s. It used predictive queuing and simulations on a computer-like device to pave the way for the first type of “predictive dialer” that we commonly see today. We’ve come a long way since the InfoLogix days. Startups such as Twilio and established companies like Google are breaking into the predictive dialer industry using cutting-edge machine learning and AI to drive conversation and reach a growing number of users from all around the world.

predictive dialer system with ai artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence in predictive dialer system is a relatively new technology that is starting to be picked up by many companies who want to limit the amount of engagement with call center representatives. It’s much more affordable and efficient to use a robot instead of an active call center agent when running campaigns so that you can sort through the warm and cold leads and quickly route the incoming warm leads to an actual representative.

Consumers have slowly begun to pick up on this type of predictive dialer behavior to the point where it is easy to identify “fake” sounding robots which could limit the success of your campaign. The more sophisticated predictive dialer systems use a combination of pre-recorded responses ( and text-to-speech software which enables the dialer application to determine if the lead is “warm” or “cold” depending on the responses given by the recipient of the call. Once the predictive dialer software determines that the lead is indeed warm, it’s off to the next available agent to finish the call flow.

The ability to route incoming calls directly to available agents takes precision and accuracy, so that your agents are not riddled with constant downtime. Many predictive dialers give you infinite control over the features that control this type of software logic, but they can be difficult to understand, and easy to get wrong. DialerAI provides a straightforward control mechanism to ensure that agents downtime is at a minimum.

Voice synthesis features such as text-to-speech and speech recognition have long been premium features in many call center software suites – but now companies like Google’s can automated speech recognition Cloud Speech API to translate and synthesis voice in over 100 languages – almost in real time.

Here at DialerAI we’re excited about the advancements being made in the artificial intelligence space as we continue to build one of the most powerful predictive dialer systems on the market. Give DialerAI a try today: Request a Live Demo to get started!