Robo Call Software

Robo Call Software

A Robocall is an automated phone call that plays a recorded message or a text to speech message to a contact. Robo call software is particularly useful for emergency notifications to warn large numbers of people in a short pace of time, anything from dramatic weather events to school closures.

Robo call software can also be used for telemarketing, political polling and market research, whereby the called contact can interact with the messages by pressing keys on their keypad.

The roots of DialerAI lie in delivering health care information to people in Africa on behalf of a charity, as most people have a mobile phone, whereas delivering the same information by leaflet, the traditional way of educating people about health, has its own disadvantages with literacy of the audience and the problems associated with dissemination of leaflets.

For many charities and organisations, Robo call software is a cost effective method of getting a message out to thousands or even millions of people.

How Robo Call Software works

DialerAI robo call software allows you to create an IVR or survey which consists of a message expressing your proposition, and then inviting the contact to press a digit on the phone keypad to respond to the message.

This may be a political campaign asking the electorate if they are going to vote, and if so, who do they intend to vote for, alternatively it might be a market research company asking what soap powder they use.

To personalise the message, text to speech can be used to address the contact by name and to impart other personalised information.

The contacts to be called are uploaded, millions of contacts can be uploaded into DialerAI.

Finally, a campaign is created tying together the survey and the contacts to be called. The campaign controls such elements as how fast to dial, whether to retry calls that fail, ring people back if they abandon the survey, the caller ID to present and the schedule of when to call contacts, so that they are not called after hours. DialerAI can take into account the timezone of the contact you are calling.

DNC list may be used. DNC stands for Do Not Call, this list may consist of people who have already withdrawn their permission to be called, and can be added to by having a do not call option on the survey.

At the end of the campaign, the results of the survey can be seen on screen and downloaded for more detailed analysis.

Legal Considerations of using Robo Call Software

Robo Calling is tightly controlled in many countries, so it is important to check that you are complying with the local regulations and laws. The regulations change depending on the subject of the robocall, unsurprisingly, political messages are less tightly controlled than marketing messages in many countries, and prior consent may have to be obtained in order to be called, for instance in the case of emergency calling where a person may sign up to get messages about weather or school closures.

It is important that Robo Call Software users call their leads in a responsible manner with due regard to the law.

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